Exciting News

Kevin Hill and Darrell Crow are proud to announce a unique, special, time-sensitive offer available exclusively for the students and friends of the Darrell Crow Studio and Kevin Hill Studio. See Darrell and Kevin explain this unique adventure in the following video

Yes, I want to take advantage of Kevin's & Darrell's One Time Special Offer to Acquire the Complete Set of Kevin Hill Art Instructional DVDs for just $77.00 plus shipping/handling ($8.95 Domestic, $34.95 International.)

Please note that these art instructional videos were filmed, produced, owned and are offered solely by the Kevin Hill Studio. Unfortunately, since they're not produced by us, we can not include these valuable art instructional videos as part of the Darrell Crow YouCanPaintClub.com art school. But we have negotiated a very special offer with Kevin so you can acquire them at a tremendous discount.

Just Look at what you will Receive By Ordering Today.

  1. Volume 1 Beginners Oil Painting DVD, Landscape
  2. Volume 1 Beginners
  3. Volume 2 Beginners Oil Painting DVD, Seascape
  4. Volume 2 Beginners
  5. Basic Art Techniques Volume 1: Clouds
  6. Clouds
  7. Basic Art Techniques Volume 2: Trees
  8. Trees
  9. Basic Art Techniques Volume 3: Mountains
  10. Mountains
  11. Painting Project: Frosty Morning
  12. Frosty Morning
  13. Painting Project: Sunlit Cliffs
  14. Sunlit Cliffs
  15. PLUS ABSOLUTELY FREE: Kevin’s first ever instructional art video: Still Waters.
  16. Still Waters
  17. PLUS PLUS: You’ll receive Kevin's newest ePacket (Not even on his website until now.) without any charge whatsoever.
    In fact you can sign up for Kevin's free ePacket right now without purchasing anything by clicking on this link.
    E-Packet: By The Lake
  18. By The Lake

YES! I want to take advantage of the big savings in acquiring Kevin Hill's entire suite of 8-instructional DVD's right now for $77.00 plus shipping/handling.

Why Multiple Instructors?

Darrell often says the best thing a student can ever do is to learn from multiple instructors. Learn everything you can from Darrell AND learn from other instructors in the genre you’d like to pursue. For those wanting to learn to paint landscapes and seascapes, Kevin Hill is an ideal instructor for you to further your training in landscapes and seascapes. I personally endorse Kevin's style of teaching and his work. In fact, I would not be surprised if Kevin became one of the all-time best art instructors on the internet for the everyday enthusiast.

This special offer is only valid until midnight, January 1, 2014 Honolulu Time.

YES! I want to take advantage of the big savings in acquiring Kevin Hill's entire suite of 8-instructional DVD right now for $77.00 plus shipping/handling.